Spring and Magnolias.

 Hello Friends !

Today, is a sunny day and the trees are blooming. The Magnolias are in full bloom everywhere in the village, I hope I can go in the village while it is not raining to take pictures.

This weekend will be a busy one, so today I will do some cooking.

Have a nice day!


  1. Prachtig die bloesem.
    Fijn weekend!

  2. Thank you, you took beautiful photos. The magnolias are simply breathtakingly beautiful.
    My daughter is in Brittany right now so I'm getting mail and lots of photos from France... I'm happy.
    A hug to you. I wish you a successful week. Viola

  3. Wat mooi! Ik heb er echt van genoten. Fijne bloesem.

  4. Hello Catherine!!….how are you ? …what a beautiful tree ..love from m3 and Leaf 🍀💗🍀


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